A selection of sermons

TaranakiTaranaki Maunga  from Manganui Gorge

Gone to the dogs
A sermon about caring for people on the margins
20 August 2023

Colonisation and conquest
A sermon about the doctrine of discovery
23 July 2023

A strand of flax is nothing in itself
A sermon for Te Purhere Sunday
11 June 2023

A little bit brighter
A sermon about baptism and why the Church is still relevant
28 May 2023

Resurrection, atonement, and Mary Magdalene
A sermon for Easter Day
9 April 2023

No better witness
A sermon for the fourth anniversary of the Christchurch mosque shootings
12 March 2023

All of us are one
A sermon about ecumenism
22 January 2023

Living in faith without fear
A sermon about faith, fear, and surviving toxic fundamentalism
20 November 2022

This does not make any sense
A sermon for Trinity Sunday
12 June 2022

When we stumble
A sermon about when we mess up, and why I don't believe in hell
26 September 2021

Let's not reject grace
A sermon about hope and reconciliation
8 August 2021

Whose side are we on?
A sermon about sexual abuse in the Church
25 July 2021

They didn't know we were seeds
A sermon about the realisation of justice and peace
13 June 2021

Be drunk with love
A sermon about accepting that the Bible has some erotic content.
9 May 2021

It really is him
A sermon about the resurrection of Jesus.
11 April 2021

What have we done to the earth?
A sermon about our violence against the earth, and climate change.
24 January 2021

Like the Virgin?
A sermon about Mary's pregnancy and purity culture.
20 December 2020

Maybe he is already here?
A challenge to rapture theology
8 November 2020

Hanging up our gloves
A Christian response to the violence of the Older Testament
8 November 2020

One last time
A sermon about saying goodbye.
13 September  2020

Virgins, whores, and tricksters: how the Bible objectifies women, and what we can do about it
A sermon about how women are portrayed in the Bible
26 July  2020

The Story of the Bible
A sermon for National Bible Sunday
19 July  2020

Remembering Parihaka
A sermon about Parihaka
10 November 2019

Nobody is excluded
A sermon about exclusion, persecution, and homophobia
12 May 2019

Making it happen
A sermon for the First in Lent
10 March 2019

What persecution REALLY looks like
A sermon about claims of Christian persecution in western countries.
17 February 2019

Being saved
A sermon about what it REALLY means to be 'saved'.
10 February 2019

We don't have to agree
A sermon about living with disagreement.
9 December 2018

The day the balloon burst
A sermon about why God allows suffering.
14 October 2018

Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid
A sermon for those who have loved ones nearing the end of life's journey
4 March 2018

The real face of the persecuted
A sermon about what it really means to be perscuted for following Jesus today.
21 May 2017

Meeting the Christ on the margins
A sermon about discipleship amongst the lost, the last, and the least.
30 October 2016

That's how the light gets in
A sermon about coping with serious offending by Church leaders
23 October 2016

Beggars on Lambton Quay
A sermon about how we should respond to begging
25 September 2016)

Christ or the angry crowd?
A sermon about one church's response to the Orlando Nightclub Shootings
26 June 2016

When Christmas isn't happy
A sermon for Midnight Mass
24 December 2014

Stoning the elephant in the room
A sermon about scandal in the Church
17 March 2013





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